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Okay so you've got a dream, good for you. Everyone has dreams...but do you have goals?
You think you have goals, but are they concrete? Do they have a time table? Are you really holding yourself accountable?
Get the answers to all that and more. If you're slacking a bit in the Goals department, this post will surely get you back on track.
Let's break it down:

1. Get Specific:

If you want to lose weight that's cool, but you can't expect to do it if you don't have a specific amount of weight to lose. So to make the goal doable you set a numeric one:
I'd like to lose 15 pounds, then I will have reached my goal.
Numbers. Simple.
If you set a goal like, "Graduate from College." Great! But which college, which major, what GPA? See where we're going here?

2. Make sure you can measure it.

Abstract goals like "look better" and "get smarter" can't possibly work because you can't measure if you've achieved them or not. If you set a goal like, "I want to be smarter" and have an actual way to measure that like, "I want to be smarter, and I will know I am smarter because I have learned a new ...a language." Then you're on the right track.
It's basically the next step to being specific. You'll know you've lost weight by looking at the numbers.

3. Set goals that aren't completely wacky.

ATTAINABLE goals are ones that can actually happen. Don't wake up one day and say, "I'm gonna walk on the moon" if you're a 24 year old accountant. I could technically walk on the moon, but that's not the point.
Be realistic with yourself and your goals, that way you won't be disappointed when you don't make the moon landing thing happen.
Set a goal like "Hey, I'm not going to drink soda today" and then watch your self-esteem rise.

4. Don't set goals that won't help you succeed.

If your an office worker doing some kind of expense report and your goal for the day is to make the world's largest sandwich, you're not really doing your work justice. Goals that are irrelevant only drag you down and make your actual priorities get screwed up. Focus is the key.
I have a lot of trouble focusing in on one thing to work toward, but every day I write down relevant goals to help. Trust me, if you keep your mind on track you will get better results.

5. And finally, for God's sake give yourself a time limit.

If I say today I want to make 100, 000 friends on Vingle that's super cool. If I have infinite time I'll probably never really work toward that goal. If I say "I will make 100,000 friends on Vingle before the end of the year, I'm definitely going to work harder to make it happen. It's all about how you talk to yourself regarding these goals.
As I'm learning every day, this funny system of being specific, making things attainable, relevant and time sensitive makes the world of difference when trying to make things happen. So go out there, get specific and hit your goals!
@ryanmnash yes! It is euphoric, that's a really great way to put it. I'm so happy I can finally reign in my crazy though patterns with an actual system. I came across this a little while ago and am like totally impressed with the results. I'm glad it's working for you too!
Awesome post. I use SMART goal-setting when writing lesson plans. Finally started doing it for person goals too and I've come to realize just how important it is to make your goals measurable. Trust, when you reach a measurable milestone it's like, euphoric.
ok ok! I'm gonna set goals now! I've always wondered why I'm still at the same place for so long... now I know