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[Subject is wearing plaid collared shirt and slacks. Seems happy.]
There's an indescribable feeling I have about her. And it happens all the time. Like, literally all of the time. The strangest thing is, this morning, we sat our small kitchen table and drank coffee together. We were sitting there and we were just checking our phones -- maybe e-mails, respective Facebook and Instagram feeds, or text messages we missed 'cause we slept early last night.
And there was a moment. Again, it's pretty indescribable but I'll try. There was this moment when I looked up at her and the sun hit her face in this very particular way. You know, when light enters another person's eyes and they have pretty dark-colored eyes but the sun brightens it up and you can see every detail in them. I got caught, you know? Stuck in place. I had my phone in my hand and I was just staring at her.
It was like being in elementary school again. I couldn't handle it, I didn't know what to do. I felt like I had a crush on her, like I didn't know her, like we didn't go to bed together every night. It's like for a second and I mean a literal second, time-slowed down and put me in this alternate universe. A universe where I hadn't met my wife yet and that version of me got to see her for the first time. I felt all those feelings all over again. Or maybe it was like I had amnesia for a second. I don't know.
I'm constantly falling in love with her. Does that answer the question?
[end of interview]
So sweet :) i like the idea of constantly falling for someone no matter how much time has passed
That's beautiful. I think that's how anyone -man or woman- wants to be loved. How special to know that every time you see or talk to someone, you discover or remember something else that you love about them! Yeah...that's pretty amazing. <3