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Okay, this quote is probably, maybe not totally all about nobility. It's so much deeper than that. Truly understanding this quote, or truly living by it, involves a lot of self-reflection. But when you really think about that task and think about true self-reflection, it's a much more difficult task.
Looking inside of yourself and addressing your past mistakes takes a lot of work. Some can do that easily, while others find it hard to reconcile who they were with who they want to be with.

Hemingway's words above are a great reminder to always reflect on who you used to be, on who you are now, and who you might become in the future.

but didn't hemingway often consider himself superior to people? is he reflecting on his own lack of nobility?
@VinMcCarthy Thus proving self-reflection is indeed a Herculean task!
or even Hemingculean? haha? amirite? /laughcry
My best friend always tells me: “What you to improve yourself, improves your surroundings, improves the world.” So if I want something outside myself to be better, I start with myself first. It’s more productive that way