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Lead is one of the ingredients in many brands of lipstick. It is carcinogenic, but say that small amounts containing not generate health risks. You decide whether to use them, but today we want to tell you a little more about this product from dangerous beauty. The danger of lead to health Exposure to certain amount of lead by the human being can cause a range of adverse health effects, ranging from learning disabilities to seizures and death. Most commonly associated with cancer lead, which is correct though not necessarily always the case. In the past, many things that were used, especially at home, but contained lead at levels that were not unhealthy, especially in paints. But with the passage of time and studies it is concluded how much is the minimum that can be tolerated and it never hurt to human health. Since then, thanks to these studies, all products were adapted to the new rules. The controversial 10 brands lead!!!:: I say controversial because some time ago chain mails claims that these 10 brands were an exponential danger for women, regardless of whether it was true or not emerged. The truth is that yes, they contain lead, but are "not enough to harm your health". They are: 1. Mary Kay 2. Clinique 3. Estee Lauder 4. Shiseido 5. Red Earth (Lip Gloss) 6. Chanel (Lip Conditioner) 7. Mark. America 8. YSL 9. Motives 10. Avon What the law says about lead in lipsticks: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA are its acronym in English) is executed by the testings for each product so you can go on sale. As lip leaded FDA ensures levels of lead found in lipsticks not represent a health risk to those who use them. That is, they lead, but it is so little that you will not miss anything. Now that you know that these brands will not do you wrong, you can use them with ease, although you can always choose to use a lipstick containing lead or one that is free from it. What do you choose? A lipstick with lead, one that does not contain or give you the same? Tell me!!
Cancer do to lead!!!
I use off brand lipstick Lmfao Like WetNWild love it! stays on all day and is very affordable. ......O.o crap I sound like a commercial!
I only have one from Maybellene but I use lipstick once every like.... 5 months ? So I'm not so worried
I used 24 hours maybeliin and thanks God doesn't has lead .
omg! this is so scary and I have so many of Mary Kay I'm definitely throwing them away
Omg! I'm shocked some of the top brands contain lead in their lipstick.
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