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I have a pretty high tolerance for annoying characters in anime. Nanami Nishijou is on a whole different level of annoying, though. All she wants to do is save her older brother, Takumi Nishijou, from becoming a full blown hermit but whoa...talk about using the wrong approach. LOL.
I did try looking for an English dubbed clip featuring Brittney Karbowski as Nanami, but couldn't find one on YouTube. However, this clip pretty much shows her at her most annoying. Thanks for coming up with this, @RosePark! ^_^
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@poojas I have 2 lil sisters as well thank god they are not even close to this xD
@RosePark Awww, you have 2 little sisters? That's adorable! I have a lil brother hahaha
Wait, how did the sword break? did he fall into it? or the mandarins were somehow too heavy? either way, that's a really cheap/weak sword.
@VinMcCarthy Made in China.
alright, the English voices are pissing me off. Gonna watch it in Japanese when I get around to it. Xp couldn't get through the first 30 seconds