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This is a great way to make a pair of simple sneakers really awesome! This pair of studded sneakers can give your outfit an edgy vibe that is perfect for the end of summer and the beginning of fall. This awesome DIY tutorial comes from the great people at Newnist.


All you need for this project is a pair of sneakers (here are some options), studs and fabric glue. You can find the studs and fabric glue at an arts store.
This project lets your creativity flow. You can do whatever design of studs that you want on the sneakers. All you have to do is put a dab of glue on the studs and then put them on the sneakers. The design of the studs is completely up to you!

Now you have a creative pair of sneakers to rock!

Show off your edgy side with your new, never-boring pair of studded sneakers!