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The one genre that we love to hate, but can't seem to get enough of.

If you're a woman than you know how easy it can be for us to fall in love with a movie that is based on, well love. Like a brand pair of shoes calling our names on the rack at our favorite store, romantic films seem to have the same influence over us. No matter how good it may seem at the moment, in reality -- it's too good to be true.
Romantic films have a way of pulling us in and making us feel some type of way. A way that is the furthest from realistic. Guy meets girl, girl meets guy, they fall in love, fall out of love and then get back together. Although the movies make it seem like the not so perfect, but perfect enough love story -- it never quite happens that way. We've all been down that good old road called love and as much as we all want our situation to turn out like Jack and Rose or Noah and Allie, very seldom it does. These movies depicted below are popular romantic films that we love for one reason in particular -- they aren't realistic.


Will Smith played an amazing role in this film portraying the love doctor. He schooled his friend on how to fall in love with the right person. As much as we all wish every guy had a "Hitch" to school them on the ins and outs of love, it doesn't quite work that way. Falling for someone is a hit or miss and that's about as realistic as it gets.

The Notebook

Every woman's favorite love story. I bet you can quote the film word for word, don't feel ashamed. We all have that movie. As amazing as this tear jerker was, I can't quite say it was the most realistic of romantic films. As beautiful as it was and as great of a man as Ryan Gosling was, it's not everyday you're going to find a man that will build you a house, write you every single day for one entire year and still take you back after you moved on from him. But ladies, if/when you find this man -- make sure you hold on tight.

Crazy, Stupid Love

The title says it all. This film was great, but not so realistic. We've all come in contact with the annual player player, but as hard as we try to get them to change their ways -- they usually don't. It's your best bet to skip the crazy and stupid part and just find love in a person who doesn't embody those player qualities that we so frequently run into. If only it were that easy.

Sixteen Candles

Such a classic. We were all Samantha Baker at one point in time. A pubescent teenager who was simply put -- a nerd. We all had a crush on the most popular guy in school, but unlike Samantha our dreams of scoring that guy never quite came true. If they had, oh how joyous high school would have been. A girl can dream though, right?

If only, if only.

Keep dreaming ladies.
@jordanhamilton id never admit it to my sister but yes it is lol
I can resonant with the Crazy, Stupid Love movie. I really really like it, but totally not realistic. cheaters are cheaters and players are players. they themselves have to choose to change
Also The Vow
Most definitely! I used to think a person was capable of changing someone, but later on down the road I realized that it's inevitable! @nicolejb
admitting is the first step @buddyesd ! just kidding :)
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