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Before I even get farther into this card, let me say that I know this is a stretch and I'm crazy but shhhhh.
I came across this amazing Samus cosplayer on reddit this week, and after leaving it open for a few days because it just intrigued me, I realized why I hadn't shut it yet.

Samus might as well be Eli from Love! Live. Seriously.

Yes, I know I"m mostly just saying this because they're both blonde and have sort of similarly styled ponytails/bangs, but!!! I am loving this crossover so I'm going to let it live forever and ever. Let's go with this: perhaps Eli felt like cosplaying, so she decided to go as Samus. It would work so well!
And perhaps remind my personal Eli @alexpinku that she should find this awesome, too. I don't know who Nozomi would be in Eli/Samus' life, but I'm sure she'd be there somewhere!
Do you guys have any weird "this character would cosplay this other character so well" crossovers that you love? Lemme know!!! I can't be the only one who thinks like this XD
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Lara Croft can cosplay as Revy from Black Lagoon. XD
And vice versa. LOL.
@DanRodriguez HAHA!!! The vice versa is what kills me on that one XD I'm also now picturing Samus cosplaying Eli.....yeahhhh.
@DanRodriguez she could probably also cosplay as Belle from Beauty and the Beast... I don't think she'd want to though XD
@shannonl5 IKR? LOL!