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We all wish for the same thing; love, stability, success, the chance to make an impact, to never be forgotten. But above all else, when asked what we want to be most people say Happy.
And that is a very reasonable and nobel goal because through happiness you can experience success, love, stability ect..

But is it greedy of me to demand euphoria?

Euphoria is happiness on steroids. Its the feeling you get when you're the perfect drunk and your favorite song comes on and your best friend grabs you to dance with her on the bar. Its the moment just before your crush kisses you for the first time; you know that moment, when your stomach is in knots and your heart starts racing and you can't figure out how to breathe but your body knows you need to close your eyes right now.
It's the moments that make you feel like if your life just ended right then, ripped you away from existence to become nothing but a space particle floating in the undiscovered parts of the milky way, that would be okay with you.
So happiness is nice. It's a pleasant feeling that we all want, but stop striving for happiness. Because even though the eventual come down from euphoria isn't pretty, the feeling of invincibility that you crave every time you see someone else brave enough, confident enough, and happy enough to live exactly how you wish you could makes it all worth it.

Don't be afraid to demand Euphoria, because really, why settle for second best?

"Euphoria is happiness on steroids” I love that! I try to feel that when I’m having a really good moment. My formula for achieving happiness is living in the moment and taking everything in. But euphoria seems like adding another level. almost like your whole body feels happy!
Totally @LizArnone! You’re whole self radiates happy! so fun!
@nicolejb yassssss it's like your entire body is smiling !!!