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EcobridgeA: He is the owner of the restaurant 2PM went to while they are in Nagoya: 2PM came to our restaurant. I am most impressed with Taecyeon. He spent most of the time with other staff and took a very good care of them. And I think that really made them feel like they were really a part of the group. When I told all the lady-cooks in the kitchen that 2PM is here,they all got excited and wanted to have 2PM signatures for their children.However, since I felt that the atmosphere is abit tense, so I decided not to ask. However, in the end, I mustered up my courage and went up to ask for their signatures. Taecyeon enthusiastically signed for me with delight. He ended up signing 3 signatures for each lady. Thank you so much …… From the restaurant’s twitter account cr:/loverzai thai and eng:CunNat
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