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So REAL VIXX released this this morning and I've already watched it at least 20 times! I love how Ravi and Leo are together! And 7:37-7:43 is MY FAVORITE PART!! I have never heard Leo laugh like that. Scoff, yes. Snicker, yes. SEEN him laugh silently, yes! But NEVER have I heard him outright laugh and now I can't stop listening to it! I'm in tears! This, however, brings me to the 3rd question in VIXX 30 Day Challenge...

Who is your secret bias?

RIGHT HERE! How can anyone not love him?!
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I don't know how any can NOT love him, because that would be crazy. Also thanks for including vixx tv cause I hadn't watched it yet <3 <3
@byeolbit You're welcome!! I've only watched a little bit of it and VIXX Diaries myself. But I've seen enough to know that it's impossible NOT to love any of them!!