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"According to the BBC, India sees approximately 1,000 acid attacks each year, which is claimed to be a low estimate as many victims are too humiliated to report."
Reshma is your average teenage girl living out her dreams, all except for in 2014 in her small hometown of India she was a victim of an acid attack when her brother-in-law poured sulfuric acid on her body. She is in need of cosmetic surgery after destroying her eyes and suffering from severe burns.
Reshma made this video [consisting of a red lip tutorial] to create awareness and for other victims [including those of the Make Love Not Scars Organization] who happen to have had similar cases. A petition has been created to ban the sale of acid, which happens to be a cleaning product used in several households. Reshma says, "You'll find a red lipstick easily in the market . . . just like concentrated acid.''
Ladies, let's be realistic, this could easily happen to any of us. Gain awareness by watching Reshma's video and help every acid attack victim get the recognition they deserve by signing this life changing petition here.
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extremely sad. people are heartless @BluBear07
This makes me so upset! this means upwards of 3 people DAILY are attacked with acid in India alone. Do we know what happened to the brother in law or why he did it? I know may women suffer acid attacks when they try to attend school.
yeah, it's definitely said and ridiculous. LIKE WHY? and I tried to find details on the brother in law, I couldn't find anything anywhere. I hope he is locked up. Like a person can't even have a good enough excuse for doing something so hurtful to someone @LizArnone
@jordanhamilton right!!!! i love the line in the video that says getting the acid is as easy as buying red lipstick. its chilling to think about.
yeah, that line def had me stop and think for a second. I definitely hope they get enough people to sign the petition because that's ridiculous that it's that easy to purchase acid. @LizArnone