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Trying to read fanfic and listen to music but my mom wanna keep on talking to me 😢😭 And its not like I can say to stop.
@danidee lol I totally get this feel. I used to read fic on the train and I'd get so mad because it would be my stop and I'd have to close the fic before I got to the end! I was always just getting to the good parts... because they're all the good parts T_T
@shannonl5 I feel like you know this feel lol.
aww I understand that dilemma but on the positive side, you're lucky that your mom is there next to you, and talking to you. I am living separately from her; near my university and I miss her so bad that I wouldn't mind listening to her ramble/rant for the whole day. Hahaha. Perhaps you can try distracting her with something or someone? or you can always be honest to your mom even though it's a bit risky. hihi