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College has begun and while it is still syllabus week for most schools (aka the best, most drunk week ever), I am sure most of your parents might have felt too traumatized to have a frank discussion about sex on the car ride to drop you off.
So here I am to inform you on some very basic, but EXTREMELY IMPORTANT facts about sex so that you can be a well armed and well informed freshmen.
Because trust me, you should all know this.
1. Having a solid group of friends is more important then your #KillCount
Yes, the sex culture in college is all about who hooked up with who and the wildest places that you did it but didn't get caught. However, this care free attitude leads to very carefree hook ups which usually don't lead to anything long term. So focus on making a core group of friends first because they will be the ones that are always there to laugh with you, cheer you up, and also check in to make sure the person at the bar is someone you are actually interested in.
Friends over Dens (beds doesn't rhyme) all day every day.
Consent is the most important part in any hook up! If you don't know what consent is, here is the exact definition; "permission for something to happen or agreement to do something."
This means that your partner must agree to the hook up, at no point in the act say no, and be actively envolved and enjoying themselves.
Consent is not, too drunk to say no, it is not drugged, and it is not peer pressure. That is sexual assault which is illegal and makes you a terrible person.
3. Have fun and experiment!
College is a time to explore your sexuality, try new things, and just have fun! Most people there are very nonjudgemental and are also doing the exact same thing as you are; figuring themselves out.
So stop with the stupid idea that however many people you had sex with somehow determines your self worth because no one cares if you are a virgin or very experienced. The idea that sex determines who a person is is just veryyyy high school and its time to let that go.
4. Be safe.
Have all the fun you want but be safe, because STDs and pregnancy won't just ruin your college years, they can ruin your life. Condoms, birth control, and knowing exactly what makes you feel comfortable are all times are vital for a safe and happy hookup.
5. Understand that you can change your mind.
So you thought you wanted to hook up and things are pretty hot and heavy...actually they are too hot and heavy. You always reserve the right to say no and stop at any time. Your partner should listen. If they don't, break their nose and get out of there because they are an asshole.
6. Respect yourself, and your partner.
Your happiness matters a lot, but it takes two (or three or four or whatever you want really) to tango. You want others to respect your boundaries, your comfort levels and your body, which means you need to do the same.
Don't peer pressure, make fun of, or even tell intimate details about your hook up. They might not want all your friends to know their kink, just like you would want some part of yourself to be kept private as well.
All in all college is the best time to go out, have fun, meet people, hook up and experience whatever you want. Just be informed, because thats the best way to have an awesome time navigating the craziness that is college sex culture.
Well I have been to a few parties but with the course work and my field of study its hard. I have to take care of so many classes before going to Japan next May.
I'm not out of college yet, and I've been too busy studying to do anything else lol
yes! preach this! consent is not just hot, it's necessary. If she/he is giving you anything less than an enthusiastic yes, then you should not pursue the act. it might be hard to, especially i nthe heat of the moment, but unless you are comfortable that your partner is comfortable, you should cool your jets.
@EllieDean what are you studying? And you're going to Japan that's going to be AMAZING !!! I hear it's just beautiful there
@EllieDean classes and grades are of course important but don't forget to have a bit of college fun even if it's going to 1 party this weekend! You won't get these years back and from a graduate wishing I was back in college you don't wanna spend it with all work and no play!!!
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