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It seems like every day they come up with something new.

We live in a world full of innovators, so it's expected. If you're on board with the contouring craze thanks to Kim Kardashian and every beauty guru in the world of youtube -- than you know just how serious it is. If you want your bone structure to pop and your makeup to be flawless, contouring is a literal God send [click here for more info on contouring].
Although contouring is a makeup must, it can be rather time consuming and like anything else, there's a certain technique you must follow to look super flawless. That's where the innovators come into play and change the whole game. Let's just say they have taken contouring to the next level. Hairtouring or hair contouring is the newest method in the world of beauty. For those ladies who take hours to contour their face, hair contouring might be the better option for you.
According to Allure, "hair contouring is a way to enhance your face shape with strategically placed color." Stylist Nick Penna told mentioned to Allure the affect hair contouring has on the face saying, "Highlighting and shading certain parts of the hair can create the illusion of a different face shape, depending on what you want to accentuate. Just like the makeup technique, light shades are for highlighting, and darker shades are for creating a shadow effect."
Why spend time perfecting your makeup when you could use that time to do something more productive? Hair contouring [see above video] might just be the new beauty hack on the brink of greatness. Especially for this ladies who lack patience. Don't all speak at once.
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