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Okay! Today is the day for secret Bias... But i don't like that word, secret anything sounds so wrong. I'm choosing the one bias that hasn't gotten much love from me, I love them all, but this guy is one that could completely turn my list upside down.

Do you have any idea who the guy is?? No? Well focus your eyes below!

He's somewhere in this photo... Warm yet? ☆☆☆

It's HYUK!! This guy is precious, but I'm trying to avoid him...☆☆☆

He's trying to steal my heart, and I don't know if I necessarily don't want that to happen.....☆

Like Hyuk, could you not look so dreamy with a beautiful smile?? No, well crap... Looks like He's going to win this battle! Guys, I'm not strong enough to deny him /~\ T.T ☆☆☆☆

Let's take one more look at his smile... *Le Sigh* ☆♡

And his "see into your soul" Gaze.... ☆♡

....And 3 more pics of him for good measure and good luck!! Can I pet him too, and hug him??? ☆♡☆♡

Right now this is how I'm feeling...


I do not own the beautiful guy or gifs used in the making of this card... ☆♡☆♡ @byeolbit, here is challenge #3
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Hyukie! Can't deny his dreaminess and his cutie pie abilities. Keeping him at arms length is your best bet lol. He will suck you in lol.
@bailykayleen haha no I most definitely cannot! Haha! XD I'm slowly learning that!
ahhhh Hyuk is so cute!! he's a bias wrecker for sure!!!
He's absolutely adorable!