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With the dog days of summer wrapping up, a moment of reflection is due.
Plenty of players lived up to the hype this year. Many new young players exploded on the scene as well, but there were a bunch of duds this year.
Below are a list of the worst player busts in 2015 in baseball.
1-Carlos Gomez, Houston Astros
Gomez is in his prime and was coming off a run of strong seasons for the Brewers. The return of Braun should have made Gomez better and the Brewers overall, but Gomez was horrible this year. His play was so poor that the Brew-Crew dealt him at the break.
Lets hope Gomez bounces back in Houston, as he was one of the more dynamic center fielders in baseball.
2-Washington Nationals
Washington, across the board, was selected by many as the best team in baseball on paper coming into the year. The team had a monster pitching staff and solid group of young prospects.

I don't know what's in the water in Washington, but the Nationals players may want to switch to bottle, because they have been HORRIBLE this year.

Gio Gonzalez, Anthony Rendon, Ian Desmond, Jordan Zimmerman.. all played below their talent level this year.
Lets hope this team bounces back next year. They should've been one of the most exciting teams to watch in baseball this year.
3- Adrian Beltre
Many expected the addition of Prince Fielder to force teams to pitch at Beltre, which should've increased his overall numbers. Fielder has played spectacular in his role, but Adrian has been poor.
It's hard to find a 3rd baseman that had played better that Adrian over the past couple of seasons. Of the players on this list, he stands the best chance to bounce back.
4-Pablo Sandoval

Pablo often gets a pass for lukewarm season play due to his stellar post-season numbers, but what do you say when the team isn't in contention for a playoff spot?

Sandoval signed to Boston this off-season and has been poor across the board in 2015. It's time for Pablo to earn his pay during the regular season and produce better numbers during the summer games.
5-Giancarlo Stanton
Giancarlo was expected to lead the league in homeruns and push Florida towards playoff contention. Giancarlo hasn't been horrible in the home run department (27) his play hasn't elevated his team like a superstar should. The road to the top seems far away for the Marlins.
also very smart move by the giants to let go of Sandoval.....
@jeff4122 yeah I didnt expect the nats to be this bad....
This Mets fan certainly isn't complaining to see two NL East foes plus the guy who almost landed on the Mets (Gomez) on this list hahaha