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Throwback Thursdy

So today I am going to give a flashback on the amazing talent that this young oppa has. This guy has such a lovable-sweet and enticing soulful voice that just draws you in and grabs your attention. This cute oppa of min is non-other than Jooyoung.
Real Name: Kim Jooyoung
BD: March 9 1991
Height: 183
Education: Chugye University for the Arts, Department of Practical Music
-he debuted in 2010 under the name Joo Yeong until he changed it in 2012
-Jooyoung is best friends with B1A4 CNU
-CNU and Jooyoung were J&D for the 2009 Chinchin Youth Song Festival
-they also had a group called 갑골 (Gapgol) back then and Jooyoung nickname was 갑주 (Gapjoo)
-Jooyoung featured in Supreme Team's "Then Then Then" performance on Mnet Countdown on 10.14.2010
-he loves the brand Supreme (and I don't blame him, who wouldn't, I sure do)
-he also has a lot of tattoos: one of his mother's face and her favorite flower (canna), and a few others
-he is most famous for his covers of other artist songs, such as: George Benson 'Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You', Jeremy Passions 'Well Done', Narsha 'I'm In Love' and most recently Jeff Bernat 'Call You Mine'