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Day 2 and 3 of VIXX Challenge
So I forgot to do yesterday's challenge 😭 I'm sorry everyone! But I'll make it up by doing it and today's today hahaha
Who is my bias? Can you guess? Bingo! N is my bias in VIXX and he is also my UB! That man is perfection ❤️❤️
Who is my secret bias? Well I have two cause honestly who could separate Ken and Ravi?! These two dorks are meant to be~ Brotp
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Hahahah yesss!!! Thanks for sharing all your biases :) Theyr'e all soooo lovable
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@byeolbit of course 😍 Honestly besides Hakyeon being my bias it's so hard to decide who I like more than the other! They are all just so amazing and lovable
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