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I can't even begin--!

Lately, I've been hooked on a lot of things, one thing if we're going to be specific... kpop is still my main thing but... I think I'm slowly turning to another aspect of korean music.

Let's kick off this fangirling post, shall we? ;)

Let me give ample warning here... it's going to be random and it's going to be long... I am literally fangirling while doing this.

Two names, One MADTOWN.

Señor Moos.... *cries*
And Jota.... Is it me or does he look like Taeyang in the last one... O.O He's still a fine piece of man... >< lol
'TIS NOT FAIRR~ They are totally slaying me with their music, and on Dream Team!
Now.... lately, I've been getting into hip-hop even more. I'm an avid fan of the genre, but this time... It's an overkill on me.
That's not all of AOMG.. but A O M G IS KILLING ME SLOWLY RN...

They're slaying me....

Especially the man that goes by the name; GRAY HALPMEPLEASE
I so can not do this --- WHYYYYYY????????!
He's a person that keeps to himself... from what I've seen on interviews... etc. and that's awesome!! I am actually working towards to being something like GRAY. That man is my inspiration.
And how can I forget the absolute goof ball that has the stage name LOCO. lol Sometimes I think he's my spirit animal. xD But this man is extremely clever with his verses and they're well thought out. ^.^
Jay Park... can switch.... from being a sex god (lol) to a dork seamlessly !! And let's not forget that he has his wise moments too... ^.^
I've been a fan of this guys since the begining (maybe not exactly but close enough) since he was with e-sense in Supreme Team.
Now I'm sure everyone can jump on board with this fangirling moment...


Right? Right? or Am I Right? lol
They're so cute and TALENTED!! They're making a comeback VERY VERY SOON. Are you ready? I'm not.
And there's one small person in particular. SUGA's One And Only Son.....


He's going to be the death of me... I just know it.
This isn't even half of it... There's going to be Part 2. I'm just spazzing too much because of them... I just have to get it out... you know? You know ?? ^.^ lol
omg @AimeeH I saw the title and immediately thought of you ^_^