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icon [n.] - a person who is very successful and admired.

One thing the plus size community needs is an icon, a positive icon at that. Plus size fashion blogger and role model Gabi Gregg, embodies all of that and so much more. She's been featured in some of your favorite magazines including both Teen Vogue and Seventeen. She is so much more than just your average fashion blogger, she is a plus size fashion blogger and makes that known through her amazing blog entries via her site Gabifresh.
Gabi has been blogging for some time now and like anyone she started from the bottom and came up on top. So many plus size woman look up to this amazing woman for her courageousness, her confidence and her amazing taste in fashion. She embodies a true plus size woman and she prides herself in each and every curve on her body. She's not ashamed of her size and that's the kind of positive role model needed in the plus size community.
For years [and even up until today] societies depiction of the plus size woman is neither accurate or realistic. This beauty goes to show that just because you wear or have stretch marks doesn't mean you can't dress fashionably. Her sense of style is a bit of classy mixed with chic. If you happen to be a plus size woman and happen to be looking for a bit of inspiration or a boost of confidence, Gabi Gregg is your go to woman. Not only is her blog amazing, but she posts some beautiful pictures via social media as well.
It's absolutely no secret that we need more positive influences in the plus size community, but one things for sure -- Gabi has definitely done a great job thus far.
To check out her amazing blog and looks [click here].
you go Girl
yes!!! she can literally do no wrong @Emescia
that swimsuit looks fabulous on her
Isn't she amazing?! @mommaG