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Alright. I feel like a lot of you might be surprised by my choice of annoying character for @RosePark's {Twisted Thursday} Challenge.
But let me explain why Armin Arlert from Attack on Titan is quite an annoying character.
He is a genius. He is probably the smartest character in the entire show and he comes up with very good ideas. If that isn't enough...
He is also extremely nice and caring. He always looks after his friends. However...
He has crippling self-doubt and no confidence whatsoever. (At least in the 9 episodes of Attack on Titan that I've watched so far).
This is him most of the time he appears in the anime. Doubting himself.
And when things are going wrong, he usually freezes in place and does nothing but think to himself.
He might as well be doing this instead. Oh wait!
Remember this scene? I've never been more annoyed by an anime character. SMH
I cannot even the amount of times I replayed this scene just to try and understand why Armin wasn't doing anything but watching the Titan devour his friend.

As of ep. 9, if I met Armin in real life, this is what I'd do. LOL

You guys understand why I feel this way?

If you haven't checked out @RosePark's {Twisted Thursday} Challenge, be sure to check it out!
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somewhat lol
it's quite annoying, I admit. Just reading the fanfiction that refers Armin's bad personality...makes me wanna kick him. But even with the lack of self confidence, I would still consider him as a younger brother. :)
@NerukaWong Ah, I see. That makes sense. He is an adorable person lol!
but he's so cute lol.man I think all you could really do as you watch a titan devoir your friend IS freeze in fear lol. unless you're Mikasa lol
I. love. this. boy.