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It's Finally Here! The NEW "Latino Culture" Community!

So, Vingle has decided to add one of the best communities EVERRRRRRR....and that's the Latino Culture community!

So anything LATINO goes: food, dance, people, entertainment, cartoons, cosplay, sports, news, personal stories, movies, comics, art, ect. ect.
I am super duper psyched, guys!!! Latinos are so cool, we get our own community! jajaajaaaa.

Here it is:

I'm Feelin' It you guizzz!!

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I am making chicken and black bean empanadas and con gri as we speak!! con gri is another favorite, for sure
Yummy!!!! So you're making Cuban food?? I have never tried black bean empanadas!
Yes! my fiance's family is Cuban so for the last 4 years his grandmother and mother have been teaching me a few of their secrets to traditional recipes. The empandas are amazing and super easy! I'm sure you will love them!