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Labor Day marks the official end of summer even though technically we still have a few more weeks until the first day of Fall. While I know a lot of you guys are totally bummed about the long days of heat, beach, and fruity drinks, there are even better things to look forward to this fall!
So cheer up and break out the flannels because Fall is here and I can not be any more excited!
1. Chilly Nights.
I don't know about you but I am so over sweating the night away and feeling constantly sticky. The days may be getting shorter but the chill in the air makes it perfect for cozy sweaters, boots, and scarfs.
2. Apple and Pumpkin picking.
Nothing is more fun then getting all your friends together and driving to an orchard to pick fresh apples, and perfect carving pumpkins and warming up with hot apple cider while also shoving apple cider doughnuts down your throat.
3. Haunted Hay Rides and all things Scary.
Halloween is in the fall and it might just be one of the most fun holidays ever!! Bring on the scary movies, the haunted hayrides and the haunted houses that give you a terrified excitement no other holiday can invoke. Halloween is awesome and no one can tell me otherwise.
4. Fall is the most romantic season.
I actually realized this as I was writing this card which makes me love Fall even more! Think the apple picking and haunted hayrides, think the cute coffee shops to warm up in, and the pretty leaves to walk though hand in hand wearing amazingly soft and warm clothes. Think the cuddle and movie nights because its the perfect temperature to get wrapped up in a blanket. I now understand cuffing season….
5. Thanksgiving.
A day devoted to feasting on everything and anything delicious and a 4 day weekend! I really shouldn't have to explain this any further.
I am ready for you Fall so come quick and stay awhile! Because while I am hype for your beautiful leaves and amazing holidays....I do not want winter at all.
we forgot football ppl! imma noles girl!
I absolutely love Fall! I hate summer actually. I live in a hot state and I don't like the sun one bit. I'm so excited for Fall, it's truly beautiful and relaxing. somehow it just makes me feel completely out of Earth and into a beautiful trance. I'm looking forward to winter too, those are my two favorite seasons!
I am ready for fall and ready for the humidity to disappear
I've always watched the bama and auburn game every year (being from bama) lol. but I love florida state... they are a great team... right now I'm watching the virgina tech game... lol. well the bf is watching I'm messing around on you tube and here. :-) haha...
@renxkk rightttttt I just feel like in fall everything is so much more beautiful !!!
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