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Hi! So this is me, my name is SierraWilson16 and I'm new to vingle and this is my first card. i thought since @SerenaMcG made a card about me i should tell you a little more about me.

1. Singing

I love to sing. I'm always singing something k-pop or not.

2.Big Bang

It's been maybe three or four years since I found their music video Fantastic Baby. And since then i have fallen i love for Dae. he is the funny little baby that keeps me sane. I love hime and tbe rest of Big bang but you know. Biases!

3. EXO

Now i recently discovered EXO and i already love them my bias is Kai. he is my love, my life, my forever. Honestly if someone even bring up EXO the first thing that pops into my head is him. (seriously weak at the knees)

I love to dance honestly if I'm not doing something it bothers me and if I'm not doing anything i just start dancing. This year I actually made a dance cover group with a couple friends (@SerenaMcG).


DC and Marvel are my favorite to read i love Batman, Flash,and Harley. And from Marvel Captain America and Iron Man.
And that's a little more about me. Maybe I'll do a part two sometime soon. If you have any questions you would like to ask leave them down in the comments I'll answer them in another card.Thanks guys
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Welcome! it's nice to meet you!
Welcome to Vingle!! It's nice to meet you!
welcome to vingle! great to meet you.
Welcome to Vingle! The Marvel community will love to have you ^_^