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Okay, so the goal was reached...
I recieved 33 likes... and I know I'm quite late on this... but here goes. ^.^ Try not to barf. LOLOLOL
The one on the right is moi. On the left is my bff. ^.^ Not my best pic... but I'm not much of a picture taker in general.. >< kakslaksjakalalskal I cant---
*spazzes out* *Barfffs* lmfao This is a bit embarrassing.. lol

But I'm excited to see who you think of. ^.^

[edit: tag me on whatever/whoever your thoughts are, okay? ^.^ ♡ Thanks.]
Awww why were you guys matching that day?!
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haha @kpopandkimchi Yeah, you can say that.. ^///^
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