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So today's SOTD is "Act Like Nothing Is Wrong" by T.O.P. I feel like i dont talk about him as much as i do with the other Big Bang members... But i feel like he needs appreciation too <3 (i dont get why i dont post about him much when the majority of my search history revolves around him lol I might just do a TOP week)
I actually prefer the live performance of this song rather than the studio version. So make sure to check them both out and tell me which one you prefer down below :P Beside with live performance you get to not only feel the emotion in the songs but also see how they react the the lyrics personally. :D I really like to see live performances done it just a whole different feel to everything.
If you are new to T.O.P (or the band he in Big Bang) then make sure to check out some of his/their music because you might like it and become a VIP!!! :D
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OHHHHH! That's my song, right there.