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Technology changes with time, and apparently Ja Rule is having a hard time keeping up with the fast evolving tool called “The Internet.”

NYC native Ja Rule took to twitter to voice his complaints about Wikipedia and the numerous inaccuracies on his page. The results of the rant were hilarious.
“Wikipedia is the most inaccurate shit ever lol how are they still in business??? Anyway somebody fix my shit I'm 5'9 not 5'6…” said Ja Rule on twitter.
The grizzled vet didn’t stop there, as he made some high priced demands to Instagram as well. “And while I'm at it @instagram i need my little blue please and thanks @Ruleyorkcity is my account lol.”
For the love of god, someone help Uncle Ja out and get him a good PR rep. The NYC rep shouldn’t have to hop on twitter and scream to the mountaintops for a blue check for his IG account.

And for christ’s sake, someone tell Ja Rule that he could have edited the information himself on Wikipedia.

Can't wait for his next album, Instagram Is Pain.
I hope Ja never figures out how the internet works. I want him to be comically inept for the rest of his life.
One more reason I don't have an instantgram- ig acct. I have hard time w jus twitter Facebook googleplus n vingle...I'm stretched thin already lol.