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{TT} Happy Lamy!

Lamy is from Fairy Tail and in a Dark Guild named "Tartaros". When @RosePark said to choose the most annoying character, Lamy's laugh popped into my head. She has the most annoying laugh I have ever heard and she is to hyper and positive, it makes me sick!
Here's a little clip that has her laugh in it and shows a little of her personality. It's a funny clip too.
I hate the serious face she makes and she is such an aggravating character. She is obsessed with making her fellow Guild members, particularly the guys better looking each time they die and have to be made again. She has no interest in turning woman into Demons and gets mad when she meets someone prettier than her such as Mirajane! This character is overall just someone I can't stand and drives me nuts!!!
omg Lamy is is the worst. plus, she's the creepiest one of the demons in Tartaros, which is saying something.
That laugh sounds like old furniture creaking lol XD.
@biancadanica98 Its just hilarious xD I never thought there would be an anime character with a laugh like that
@RosePark Thanks It's to funny, but her laugh is so annoying!
LOL!!! huehue? I really thought she was cleaning the glass or something either that or rubbing two balloons together xD Loved it great pick!
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