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So @RosePark has started a New Series for EVERY THURSDAY called "Twisted Thursday" (TT) and you can check it out >>here<<
My pick for this thursday's theme "Most Annoying Anime Character" is no one other than THE FOURTH RAIKAGE !!
Im not saying i hate this guy but every time i see him i just makes me wish the the entirety the is the series of 'Naruto' never existed ( Dont worry i see you guys may think im being unreasonable but let me explain why i dislike him first. And then you can feel free to agree or disagree)
Okay A or the 4th Raikage just irritates me like no other anime character before... HES JUST ALWAYS IN THE WAY.
This guy is just a Hot head with no chill factor. and i dont really think he cares about anyone but himself (but what about Bee, you know Killer Bee theyre like brothers) NO, i dont think he sees Bee as an actual person, he treats him more like a weapon to be used at hand when ready.
His ego is larger than the number of Naruto fans. In all honesty, Im pretty sure he and Kanye would a pretty close battle in the polls if it came down to it.
(I dont hate kanye btw, he just also happens to have an ego that is larger than life)
If A could just calm down and just go with the flow sometimes maybe, JUST MAYBE i would like him abit more.
If you havent said who your pick is for Most Annoying Anime Character, then make sure you do. I'll be looking for your card, to see who you guys come up with :D
you know, I never thought about the raikage much during the manga or anime, but I have to say I agree with you now that I think about it. he WAS always in the way. always sticking his nose in other people's business and messing stuff up.
I totally got you at "HE'S JUST ALWAYS IN THE WAY". I hate those kinds of characters LOL As usual, awesome card with gifs on point! XD
Lol I can see why :) as for me I dont love or hate him either I just never cared for him :S Great card and I guess we all have that one character haha