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So i got tagged by @SHINeeIngGirl yo do this and I'm sorry i don't have many friends yet so i went looking around for people who didn't have a picture of themselves but i tagged two friends. @SerenaMcG @ButterflyBandit @Marilovexoxo @DeniseiaGardner @Nssagasshi @amazingangelini @SHINee808 @CourtneyNance16 @DulceZelaya @ninachan @PassTheSuga @Mikim000 @hyaCinythus @aliciasalinas @yehet27 @malineptune @majesticx @patoramirex9798 @B1A4BTS5ever and @Kpopkimchi There's my 20 have fun!
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@ookimnana @jaywovue @KaitlynSummerso @taijiotter @heidicheisa @chellax2112x @JessicaChaney @XergaB20 @glostick @RobertMarsh @lamrotamrot @melineptune @Emaelia @Miss148 @BluBear47 @solodaywithB1A4 Help a fellow fan out? yes? *insert Jimin Aegy* lol YAY FOR KPOP~! ♡♡ ^.^ Hopefully I didn't mess up any names. xP
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haha, It's okay I had the same shivers. ^.^ @SierraWilson16 but the good thing about a community like this is that we all can help out. ^.^
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I'm now tagging @SehunArmy to
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Oh my goood. I´m trying not to freak about this because I wont get 30 likes..at least I don´t think I will..*nervous laugh*
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I didn't yet so I think your good babe
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