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He had fans [new and old] going crazy when he did his collaboration with H&M and now he has his fans once again anticipating his huge plans for his 10th anniversary.

You guessed it. I'm talking about Alexander Wang and all his glory.

Wang is such a huge icon in the fashion industry and it wouldn't be an anniversary if he didn't do something amazing to recognize all of his success over the years. He took to the world of social media and allowed fans to vote for some of his amazing pieces they wanted to be brought back. But that's not the icing on the cake -- Wang will also be benefiting a charity through by bringing forth two shirts and a hoodie, that of course will sell out within seconds.
Because he's Wang and so well known, some our favorite celebrities and his friends decided to support the campaign by modeling Wang's designs [see images below]. Wang spoke to YahooStyle mentioning his big plans saying, "We felt like, let's do a campaign and bring together people that we really respect or who have been a big part of our brand, who helped support us, who've given us support, been supporting us all these years."
To support Wang's accomplishments and shop his designs [click here].