3. Who's your secret bias? SHHHH don't tell my sister but I think Ken is a cutie pie. I don't know if I would designate him as my secret bias, since I don't really have one in VIXX but for the sake of the challenge he is my secret bae. Bias. Whoops.
He is just so cute! His aegyo charms are on point and he's just a happy little puppy who sings like an angel.
Oh! Look at him with my biases! What a gorgeous group of people. Yay KenHyukBin!
Hahah yes!! I really love ken too. One of my best friends is a Ken bias so she'd be both happy and jealous to hear me say that, I think! That last pic ken/hyuk/bin is so cute
@byeolbit haha that's how my sister would be too! She is my k-pop confidante and we normally don't have the same taste in biases but our second choice is always oddly the others favorite. And I'm glad I found some cute pictures of all three of them.
@baileykayleen haha that's awesome though!! it's fun when you can both appreciate each other's bias but not fight over them