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so everybody already have your dates now its time for "LET'S SET THE DATE" so here is the.dates that you pick for you and your date. please know that these dates are just for fun. so have fun dreaming of your dates
For door #1 is friendship
Door #2 is a romantic dinner at the beach.
door #3 is romantic movie date
door #4 is romantic picnic
door #5 is romantic love making lol
here are yours dates i hope you got your dreams date remember once you pick a date you can't change it. i hope that you and have a wonderful date and comment below about your dates and be ready for LETS PLAY DATING SHINEE FINAL!!! have a wonderful time on.your dream see you next time on DATING SHINEE
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Are the answers up??
2 years ago·Reply
for 3
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if you want to play part 2 its up
2 years ago·Reply
Yay! I love the movies
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