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I was asked to participate in this cool comic challenge by @shannonl5. Thanks for asking. If you would like to play click on the $ for the link for the original card.
My favorite Marvel characters are Thor and Wonder Woman. Quick story....When I was about 2 I broke my hair because I wanted to be like Wonder Woman. I was jumping off the couch to a mattress that was on the floor as I was told. I was trying to fly like she did in her plane. I guess I landed wrong and broke my arm. My mom said she didn't even know it was broken until she put me down for a nap and I was complaining about my arm. We went to ER and found out it was broken. My mom said she cried more than me lol.
As we know Thor has the bad ass hammer that only those who are worthy can hold. Well, there were a few Marvel characters that were found to possess this worthiness....and Wonder Woman was one of them. For a woman to be able to be deemed being worthy is so incredible....especially during the time this comic was created!


I love this! Wonder woman kicks ass!
Yay!! I love Wonder Woman. You picked an amazing character ^_^ Definitely worthy of Thor's hammer! @AimeeH @buddyesd @jcl4rks0n did you see this challenge response yet?
@buddyesd BOTH! Because.... just imagine... WHAT IF THEY TEAMED UP! So cool :D @amogbigbang ^_^ thank you for doing the challenge! And inspiring it in the first place :D @AimeeH you're so right, Wonder Woman's butt-kicking badass attitude is definitely #lifegoals for me haha
@AimeeH yeah she's definitely someone to aspire to be! I'm so happy there's a movie with her coming out, it's about time! @buddyesd YES I would watch that FORVERER
@shannonl5 now that's a movie id love to watch!!!
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