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I think that I would like this song a lot more if it hadn’t come from GI. I’ve come to know them as the “tomboy group” and this...this is something completely different.
But it’s not a bad song. It almost feels like they’re rookies debuting all over again, and I guess in a way that’s what they’re doing. Image in Kpop is just that: image. It’s not necessarily a reflection of who the actual members are; it’s what the company wants them to portray. And keeping that in mind, I have to say that they’ve done a good job.
I’ll keep an eye on GI and their next single, and hopefully this new concept will help them to get the recognition they’ve always deserved.
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Well it's not the same G.I I initially became a fan of...that's not to say it was bad, I just really liked the way they used to be... I agree that I would have liked this song a lot more if it came from someone else, I'll probably still buy it eventually though, not really a top priority though. I still really miss the other three, it just doesn't feel right without them :/ Anyway, thanks for this video @DancingPartyTme ^^