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My bias is this adorable little man, Leo. When I first saw pictures of VIXX, they all looked the same to me (hurraayyyy.... another k-pop group you can't identify anyone in! :-|) And then I listened to their Jekyll and Hyde album: Light Me up became my obsession...
#1: Leo's voice haunted me for weeks until I was finally able to put a face to the sexy Tenner voice that sing the bridge in Light Me Up. It was love at first sight.
#2: Those eyes! So piercing like he's looking at you saying, "Girl, I know everything about you. The good, the bad and the ugly; and I want it all!" Also, his face is just very symmetrical and that's something I'm always attracted to. Plus long hair...
#3: He's super sexy and adorable at the same time. I remember watching him in an interview for the first time and being slightly shocked and amused at how shy and awkward he is!
#4: He was an adorable kid! Which means his children will also be adorable! I'd like to give him an adorable child. Haha...wouldn't we all?! :-P
#5: His body! A little on the skinny side for me, personally. But that's not to say that there are times you could drown a toddler in my panties (metaphorically speaking...) when I look at pictures like this. I don't even need to see his bare abs. This is enough...
#6: He may be one of the most serious members, but he's deffinetly got his child-like side which is when this beautiful smile comes forth.
He may be 5 years younger than me, but i don't care. Leo is nice to look at and listen to. Thanks again @byeolbit for posting this challenge. I look forward to tomorrow!
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Wahhh yay @KhrystinaLee thanks for doing it!!! Light me Up is one of my fave songs too! I love seeing how leo gets into it at the radio shows lol