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Another Day, another question :) (credit of Challenge to @byeolbit)

Question: Who is your secret bias?

My secret bias is... *drum rolls* LEOOO~ WHOOOO! Here are the reasons why I began to adore him along with Kenny-Ken-Ken:

His Shyness

We all know that one person who is immensely cute when they're shy. Leo is one of them. We get to see that small smile that he hardly shows onscreen and it makes me feel so warm inside ^^

Efortless Aegyo

I dislike it when idols say that they have no aegyo when they are BORN WITH IT! It seems that Leo doesn't like it but he definitely knows he's adorable XD

And his love for babies and animals

Leo makes me cry every time I see him with babies and animals. Like, the way he blurs his surroundings and focuses on them as if they're his entire life! UGH! WHY MUST YOU BE CUTE!!

One last thing...

I'm immensely thankful for Jellyfish on letting VIXX LR happen! Leo has been scaling up my bias list and I'm not disappointed! ^_^
@CheyenneJessee Hahaha, I love children and animals too but Leo around's too precious for my hearteu~
Yes, @KpopGaby ! That is perfect! I almost cry every time I see him around animals and kids too! lol I thought I was just really weird but I'm not! yay.
@KpopGaby Exactly!!! lol let other people do that and you can just look at the pics/videos that are bound to happen
(I'm talking about how he focuses on babies and animals oops my brain got out of order haha)
yessssss its so cute how he only focuses on them and literally nothing else hahaha I almost feel bad for the fans at those events because he honestly can't focus on anything else!!
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