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Dear Baseball,

I love you.

I love you in April,

when the rain and cold weather claims some of your everyday heroes;
It's cold outside, but the warm, tender feeling of the beginning of the season reminds you that everything is new, and full of promise.

I love you in May,

when the grass is lush, and the season is still young and exciting;
May is your favorite month, I think.

I love you in June, and in July,

When the season starts to wear;
It grows old and wise, but never tired; when the nights are long and colorful, you make me wish they'd never end.

I love you in August,

When things begin to take shape;
Extra-innings take on new meaning, the sun beats down - no one complains. I suspect you love August, too.

I love you in September,

When April feels like years ago;
In September you get serious, and I get serious with you, and the summer hangs on by its bootstraps, producing just one more 100 degree game, just when you thought we were done with all that.

I love you in October,

Because who doesn't?

@nicolejb Hahaha you're spot on!
Awww sort’ve like an already-doomed relationship...@jeff4122 (relating this the best way that I can. lol.)
AWE <3 This is sort’ve like a weird growing romance. It only grows with the changing of seasons. too presh
Lovely!!! I love baseball. October is the most exciting month of the year
Don’t worry too much @jeff4122... I’m sure you’ll have another fling come next year ;)
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