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So I have been watching videos and what not, and I stumbled across a nose bleeder. .. Caution* Proceed at your own risk ... I'm going to walk you through this...
Here we have the grouo of guys as their sweet selves ... How gentlemanly do they look-amirite?
Okay! Here, we have the group of guys looking gorgeous AH. . .

So yeah if you're ready, we will tiptoe to the edge and jump off together for this NOSEBLEED. . .

@najalong1998 @Taijiotter. . I figured we three could fangirl out again... Pretty sure i just used a whole box of kleenex. . . Heaven's To Murgatroyd.... I was not emotionally, psychologically, or physically ready...

New life goal: PETITION TO BE A FLOOR. . . Now excuse me while I go find the ocean....

*Disclaimer* I don't own the materials used in the making of this card! ♡♡♡♡♡
I. Feel. You. And my huge weaknesses are hip thrusts, grinding and stuff and EOEO hit me right in the spot lol
@edwinb94 he's so precious!! haha @KpopGaby yess! all of the yes!
@edwinb94 cuz it's Wenhan. Who wouldn't like 4D Wenhan? XD
@edwinb94 I'm stuck between Wenhan and Sungjoo ^^ but Yibo though~ he's the sexiest maknae along with Sehun
@edwinb94 I love them all, but my top choices are Yixuan and Wenhan. . SungJoo is the wrecker
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