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This drink is giving me chills and from the looks of this picture is my GAG-WORTHY card of the day! Special thanks to Imbibe for featuring this on their ImbibeMagazine site. I think it's really important to point out that NOT EVERY WEDDING serves alcohol. And guess what?!, that's OKAY! You can still have an awesome wedding, mocktail hour and reception.
The trick to pulling off a killer mocktail hour is to serve innovative drinks. Drinks should be well thought and created. My advice? Lean on the years of experience and mastery of a true mixologist in your area. Will it cost you? Maybe. Plan to spend about $40-60 for an hour of their time. Some will offer "free" consultation. Just depends on your area.
Get (and pay for) a mixologist to create a stunning mocktail menu based on a variety of things. Things like budget, flavor profiles and the like. This may seem silly, but you want your post-ceremony and pre-reception mocktail hour to be bursting with energy. That comes from ambiance, exciting bites and killer drinks.
While most 100-person alcoholic cocktail hours can see $25-50 per person costs, mocktail hours, can see costs that range from $10-25 per person. Understand what your budget is before you move forward with this.
TIP: Every wedding should have at least ONE AHA (took-my-breath-away) moment for the wedding guest. One of the more recent weddings I attended had me in tears because I was stunned on three separate occasions at the SAME EVENT! Let your mocktail hour blow EVERYONE AWAY with hot drinks like Cascara Dark & Stormy.

Cascara Dark & Stormy

4 oz. ginger beer
1/2 oz. fresh lime juice
Cascara tea concentrate*
Glass: Old Fashioned
Garnish: lime peel
Combine the lime juice and ginger beer in an Old Fashioned glass over ice and stir to combine. Float the cascara concentrate on top of the mixture and garnish.
Cascara Tea Concentrate
Steep 25 grams of cascara in approximately 9 oz. of hot water for 12 minutes. Strain the husks out of the liquid and let cool. Panama Los Lajones Gesha is highly recommended, which you can find online through OnyxCoffeeLab.