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As requested this is part 2 of my fan fiction story "New Surprises". If want to read part 1 just click on here and you should get it.


Behind the mystery door...

The tall security guard opens the black door and leads the way. He is silent. Alycia and Jessamine hold hands as they follow him. They pass by other random rooms. They see some of the dancers run into a room. They pass by tables full of veggies, fruits, and coconut water. Finally, they reach a room with a sign on it that read BIG BANG. Jessamine eyes widen as she squeezes Alycia hand harder. "You are gonna cut of my blood supply chick." Alycia whispers to Jessamine. The guard smiles and opens the door. Jessamine sees all the members of Big Bang. They are sweaty from the show but cooling down. "Are these the two girls you asked for Ji-Yong?" The guard asks. GD nods and then he grins at the nervous best friends. "I hope the guard didn't scare you two. He can come across weird. Have a seat. Would like some water?" Taeyang says in a warm tone. Jessamine looks at Alycia and suddenly the room went black. ********************************************** "Jessamine, bestie please come back to me!" Alycia yells. Jessamine could hear voices but couldn't make them out. She slowly opened her eyes and the bright light made then hurt a bit. Jessamine ignores the light pounding pain in her head. She finally could make out Alycia's face. "Bestie, I had this dream that we were in BB's room surrounded by all the sexy members." Alycia had an odd look on her face. "Hush up stupid." "Sexy members well thanks. I'm flattered." TOP says in a husky voice. "I'm glad you came back. You had a nasty fall." GD says while patting her head. Jessamine looked up to see she had her head on GD'S lap. "OMG this is real! I'm so sorry I tired to flash you all in the audience and fainted in your room!" Everyone laughed. "We have gotten worst. Besides, Seungri would've loved it." GD says. "And Jessamine has done worst...I'm glad I stopped her." Alycia says.


BB invited Jessamine and Alycia to a late night cafe after the show. Alycia couldn't believe she was doing something as random as riding alone with some strangers. Yeah, they were big bang, but she didn't know them. "So the concert was great. I'm so proud to be a VIP!" Jessamine says as she sits between GD and Youngbae. "Thank we love our VIP. We try to do our best for you all." Seungri says with a big grin. "So I'm just curious....why did you pick us two to actually meet?" Jessamine says. "Yeah if you looking for a booty call we don't don't do that type of thing." Alycia says with a serious glare. The guys laugh. "No...didn't you read our flyer? The seat numbers that we pulled would go on a date with us. We pulled your seat numbers." Daesung says. Jessamine and Alycia faces begin to turn red. "Oh okay cool." Alycia says. The group place their orders and then talked while they waited for the order. They stayed the whole night almost at the cafe and talked. It was cool to see BB as regular normal people.

Pillow Talk....

Finally, the girls made it home. They both were tired but still excited. They showered and went to bed. "Are you sure you didn't give GD any cookies chica?" Alycia laughs. "You two disappeared when we went for a walk." "Oh yeah I let him wonder through the whole bakery. No Alycia! He's not some pervert. We only disappeared for a few seconds. I left my phone on that bench and he went with me to get it." Jessamine yawns. "I love Desung. I could've talked to him forever. You know we are soul mates. I just know it." "Alycia that sounds odd coming from a person who is so rational. Yes, we had fun, but we are just another VIP at the end of the day. GD and I exchanged numbers, but I know he ain't ever gonna call me. Besides, I bet that's not even his real number." Jessamine says while rolling over on her back. "Any fangirl goes irrational when it comes to their Bias. But you are right...tomorrow is back to the drawing board with this magazine. Night chica." "Buenos noches chica." Jessamine days while drifting away.
Phone Call.... Suddenly, Jessamine was distracted from typing up her report about the BB voncert by her face time ring tone on her phone.



it's GD fo sho
we shall see @SarahHawkins lol
I bet Seungri stole his hyung's phone and making the call. ^_^
no I bet it is daesung wanting the other girls number but so praying it is gd