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pick a door for who will be your housemate. when you pick a door please comment below and can't change doors okay Lets play housw with bigbang part 1
Door #1
Door #2
door #3
door #4
door #5
here are five doors that you can choose from. just like LETS PLAY DATING SHINEE. this is LET'S PLAY HOUSE WITH BIGBANG. you choose a door and what door you choose will be your house mate. as the game goes you may marry them or just be friends or even kick them out lol. well lets play and see will be you house mate or else. lol :-) :-) :-) former players that are playing remember what you choose a door you can't change the door so when you pick the door make sure that the door you want let's play
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door number 5
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Door #3
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Door #3
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