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Because nobody should walk in this world alone, or live without a great fluffy nuisance. Everyone knows that cats are a huge thing on the Internet. That is no secret, but what about in real life? It's time to check in again with Miss.Tuffsey, my favorite feline, my little kitty. She has changed my life, and sometimes not for the better, but nonetheless here are 5 reasons you should totally get a cat.

1. You'll never come home to an empty house.

The cat may be hiding, but at least it's there. You won't have to deal with the existential loneliness of wondering if you're devoting too much time to work. You also won't have to think about your lack of a significant other.This strange creature will be there when you feel alone, and it's probably always screaming for food. You may even find it in a funny place, so there's that.

2. Your cat will make you laugh.

Have you ever really looked at a cat? They're pretty funny. My cat, Miss.Tuffsey does a lot of funny things. She makes me laugh every single day. Its always a good time when you walk up the stairs in your house and gaze upon their silly little face. Having a cat is good for lightening up. Like what is she doing?

3. Your cat will have your back.

Dealing with an intruder? Hater? No matter. Your cat's going to have your back. Look at that angry little face! Miss.Tuffsey doesn't let anyone talk smack about her Momma, and if you get a cat you'll have all of that feline rage in your corner. Nobody likes a cat scratch. Nobody.

4. Your cat may even help you with your chores.

Tuffsey is always down for some light ironing. If you need someone to deposit cat hair all over your house, fear not! Your cat will always be there to take on that task. If you need someone to spill water, sit on all of your stuff and make a huge mess of their litter, a cat is the companion for you.

5. Cats are basically alarm clocks.

Believe it or not your cat will wake you up every, single day at the same time. This gesture is not for you, however; its for them. They are hungry. And you have the food? Therefore you don't have to use an alarm clock anymore. Train your little kitty by feeding it at whatever time you get up, and after a while they'll come get you. Trust me. It works.

6.Your cat will make you happy.

Nothing is better than hanging out with something that doesn't (openly) judge you, can hang with you in silence, and never asks why you aren't married, don't have a boyfriend or aren't happy at work. Cats are creatures that may not be convenient or nice, but they sure as hell boost your mood. Having a pet just makes you happy! Take it from me: even though I have a demonic cat who does super weird things, I love the heck out of her. And by God, when I get home the first thing I'll do is scream: "HELLO MISS.TUFFSEY!" Even though she won't appreciate it. No matter how far away I am, I always connected to my funny little cat. How cool is that?

Do you have a cat? What's your favorite part of having one?

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Cats are amazing animals... They definitely have a mind of there own. my Caesar comes and tells me when he wants attention. got him when he was about 4-5wks old as he was an orphan kitty so he was bottle-fed.. he went from fitting in the palm of my hand to now he weighs over 12lbs guessing he is at least 24 in tall on hind legs..
Awww @GingerMJones how precious! Gotta love our pets :)
my cat hates me....
@vlargo my cat hates me too hahahah I just like to pretend she doesn't
@TessStevens haha its a love hate relationship with my cat.