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Hi everyone! So I've been on Vingle for a couple of weeks now (but I've been pretty quiet tbh). But I want to make some new friends on here because I am absolutely IN LOVE with k-pop!
A few things about myself:
First, I am a HUGE DORK. I would easily call myself one of the weirdest (in a good way) people that I know.
Second, I'm a university student in Georgia. If you're at UGA, hit me up bruh!
Third, I've only been into k-pop since about 2012, so, if you're going to hate on me because I don't know much about the older groups, I'm sorry T^T
Fourth, this card features all of my biases and 99% of the groups I actually follow YAY
Fifth, I have about zero friends irl who also follow k-pop AT ALL, so I have to release all my feels to the interwebs, so expect a lot of that from me WOOHOO
But like I have problems, because my mind is always overly sexual, and the idols simply don't help that at all
But at the same time I simply ADORE when they act all cute and silly and goofy and I just UGH
BUT here's a breakdown of the groups I follow more or less, from most biased to least knowledgeable. Like I listen to all these groups, but I could only give you any real information on the top four or five and then certain interspersed ones after that.
1. BTS
2. EXO
3. GOT7
4. B.A.P
5. Seventeen
6. SHINee
7. Big Bang
9. Teen Top
10. Block B
11. Infinite
12. Winner
13. Super Junior
I'm weird, but I love k-pop with a good portion of my soul, and I need some peeps that I can chat about it with (read: fangirl/fanboy with). <3
Also, shameless plugging, here's my aff account, I have several fics on there: http://www.asianfanfics.com/profile/view/584889
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@JessAS YAY~ for SHINee! ^.^ Are they your bias group? °o° BTS & Block B & BIGBANG are some pretty amazing groups too! Check them out when you have the time! ;D
@ShineeIngGirl Lol, the 3 Bs.. XD
@SHINeeIngGirl I haven't fully understood the word bias actually
@JessAS That's okay ^.^ , the actual definition of 'bias' is a little twisted when it comes to kpop. When used in normal context, it shows a favor to a side while somehow putting down the other. With K-Pop a 'bias' is similar but we don't put down the rest with the intention of causing harm... although you do find some fans here and there that do that. And some that take it to a completely new and different level... But that's a different conversation. >< lol hopefully I could clear up the confusion. xD
@SHINeeIngGirl lol oh OK! yeah that helps and well I would like to think SHINee is my bias but I feel like I'm cheating on Boyfriend since they were my first group D: idk if that makes since lol!