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Can Eren lift the rock and prove he is not just an evil Titan? 0.o

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Response: The Struggle for Trost, Part 6

Episode Summary (from Wikipedia)
After partially transforming himself to protect Mikasa and Armin, Eren climbs out of the Titan to talk with the two regarding the basement in his former house and how he believes that it holds the secret to mankind's preservation and the key to destroying the Titans. Kitts is still afraid and once again orders the cannon to be loaded. Eren comes up with two plans of escape. The first is for him to transform into a Titan and run away on his own, forever criminalizing himself in the eyes of humanity. The second is to have Armin convince Kitts that Eren is an asset, not a danger. Armin has several flashbacks and comes to the realization that even if he is a coward physically, he can still defend his friends regardless and decides to talk their way out of being executed. Armin tentatively convinces Kitts, only to have him overcome by fear and give the order to fire once more. But the order is halted when Commander Dot Pyxis and his men intervene, sparing their lives. In return, Pyxis asks Eren if he will transform himself to block the gap in Wall Rose to prevent further Titan invasions. He agrees, regardless of whether or not he is able to control his Titan form.

My thoughts as I watched this episode:

>>> This half-formed Eren Titan is starting to creep me out!
>>> Okay I am really confused, HOW CAN HE TURN INTO A TITAN?
>>> His dad did this to him? How...and why? Is it only him?
>>> That doesn't make him a monster! T_T
>>> I swear Mikasa would go to the end of the world for Eren <3 #AllTheFeels
>>> Armin, you can choose to not be a coward you know? SMH
>>> FINALLY! He does something epic!
>>> Please listen to Armin and believe Eren!
>>> THANK YOU COMMANDER PIXIS! He is my favorite character in this episode!
>>> Lol Pixis is looking for a beautiful titan. He is such a troll. XD
>>> Okay...let me get this straight...Eren needs to lift a rock and block a hole to prove his worth? Cool...

Commander Pixis is awesome!

Hopefully Eren doesn't have to run and hide anymore...

Of course, Armin does something badass right after I call him the most annoying anime character.
lol... ***SMALL SPOILER***.. if you haven't seen the next episode it gets more epic... Eren may or may not hurt Mikasa...
they all do @poojas
@MinionPeach17 Lol I'm watching one episode a day so we shall see...T_T
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