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San Diego's Safari Park is an amazing place. Not only do they have 1,800 acres of land for their 2,600 animals to run free (almost all of them live in the same gigantic enclosure that is meant to imitate the African plains) but they also have managed to triple the populations of many species on the verge of extinction.
I grew up going to this park, and my favorite animals to go see (other than their awesome elephant show) were their Northern White rhinos. This past December though, we lost the oldest male and one of the five remaining norther white rhinos on Earth.

But this isn't a card that is supposed to bum you out - there is plenty of good news too!!!

Meet NOLA!

This gorgeous girl is a 41 year old northern white rhino who was captured in the wild in order to help regrow the species (at the time there were about 500 left of her kind) but she is unfortunately not fertile.
She is living out her days in San Diego, where she is one of the four last northern white rhinos in the world. As you can see, she is treated like the princess she is :)
Her age means that she's constantly struggling with her health, but San Diego's Safari Park is great at keeping her fans up to date on her status - and it's always great to see thousands of other people clearly rooting for this lovely lady.

Today we got an update that she's recovering from a recent procedure (and it looks like she got a cute makeover to go with it!)

Be sure to leave her some love on Instagram here!

So how can you help?

END EXTINCTION HERE - A donation of any size will go directly to conservation efforts for species in the critically endangered category. If you don't wish to donate now, you can also sign up for their email list to stay up to date on ways to help. Two species that were saved by this effort (though we still have a long way to go) include California Condors and Giant Pandas.
Help support San Diego Safari Park HERE - Proceeds will help with enclosures, raising babies, working with conservation efforts in other countries, and growing critically endangered species.
Also I STRONGLY urge you to follow San Diego Safari Park's instagram.

Why, you ask?




You can watch these babies grow up and in many cases be introduced back into the wild.

The animals are funny!

And so are the awesome people who work with the animals!

Plus, it is easy in the rush of day-to-day life to forget that we're all part of something much, much bigger than we are. We have a responsibility to care for the other beings we share the earth with, and I think San Diego's Safari Park does a wonderful job of reminding us why we need to slow down and pay attention to these beautiful creatures.

Have a great day, and if you get the chance, tell Nola "get well soon" :D

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it's good to see that these animals have adequate space to exist in. it's terrible that there are so few Northern White Rhinos left, but maybe their endangerment (and other animals) will prompt people to action.