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We're all a little impatient for Season 2 of Agent Carter.

Can you blame us? The first season was MIND BLOWING, and everything we've heard so far about Season 2 sounds amazing. We already know that it takes place in California, and that the Black Dahlia Murders will be tied into the procedural aspect of the show. We also know that longtime Marvel villain Madame Mask will be one of the antagonists this season. And now, we know something even cooler...

Beware, spoilers below!

There's a new Chief in town!

Marvel was kind enough to tweet this photo from the set today. Hayley Atwell has also been tweeting about the production process (as much as she can, remember Marvel is very tight-lipped about spoilers).

Last season, Agent Souza was struggling to be taken seriously by his coworkers.

Disabled during World War II, he was frequently the subject of tacky jokes (something he and Peggy had in common unfortunately; she was frequently dismissed because of her gender). During the Season 1 finale, Chief Dooley was killed, and it seemed like Thompson was going to take his place. Seeing Souza's name on the door honestly brought tears to my eyes. He's incredibly brave, he was the only one that figured out Peggy was the rogue Agent they were looking for, AND he was the only one who believed her when she came forward.

His quick thinking prevented a tragedy.

It's awful that Souza had to go to such great length to prove himself, but it's unfortunately a very realistic experience. I'm thrilled that Agent Carter is continuing to challenge the narrative we're used to through this character.

Season 2 can's get here fast enough!

There's no official premiere date yet, but since Agent Carter will air during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s hiatus, we can probably expect it some time in January.
@phayorra @AlexRider @jellybee @BizmosFunyuns @buddyesd @DonovanMoore @gnievespr1 @CarmenMRey @purplem00n23 @serapisces @saraortiz2002 @FeliciaKing I'm not sure how you all feel about spoilers, but I just couldn't keep this Agent Carter news to myself! This is so cool!
@ButterflyBlu me too! I loved the last season so much (I've been rewatching it a bunch lately) and I feel like I have a lot of faith in the people working on it. They did some really great things and I feel like they want to keep going. Plus this season will be two episodes longer!
I can't wait. ^.^
@buddyesd yeah I'm really excited this season is going to be sooooo goooooood ^_^
@shannonl5 cool we in for some awesome shows and its almost time :):)