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My Collab Group
So I'm a little late, my bad, but hey I'm here now that's all that matters!!! Just kidding lol. But this was a really tough decision, why do you do this to me @kpopandkimchi ???!!!!?!!!????!! Ah, I have fun doing this but its tough on my feels lol
Daehyun Those high notes will be the death of me~ the death of me~
Xiumin Our EXO resident dolphin ^^
Baekhyun (*dead* *.* how....who...who is this person right now???) Hey, we need some mid notes to even it out.
Jungkook We can not, I repeat, can not, have a collab group without our golden maknae ^^
Ravi We absolutely have to summon Ravi.
Rap Monster His name says it all, he belongs.
Well I hope you enjoyed my collaboration group, not sure how well they'll actually go together, but hey, I DO WHAT I WANT!! Just kidding lol ^^ Ugh this was so tough, I had such a hard time deciding, rest in peace my feels ✌ And remember, we have to say Ravi's name to summon him.
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