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Download "V" App to see GD LIVE!
Ok so apparently a lot of KPOP artist are using a live broadcasting app called v app. and omg watching GD live is so cute!!
he has a 30mins live show and you can comment and share how much you love them!! AH Oppa looks so charming with his panda!!! hang onto your hearts if your gonna watch it!! you may lose it llol! @EllieDean @ErinGregory @kpopandkimichi @PassTheSuga @PassTheSuga @KpopGaby @poojas @B2utyrisa @VixenViVi
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I wish I was online on time tho!!! he started calling random numbers!!
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@LaurenAntoine I know...but I'd have froze if he called and been all "uhh...hi...I mean...annyeong...can I talk to TOP?...sorry..."
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I have the app but I'm never able to catch the ones I want to lol!!
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I said the same but since it's live and recorded you can go back to watch them! @ErinGregory
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